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Monday, October 17, 2005



I’ve been trying to put a photograph on my blog, but I’m not savvy at all about how to do that! It is shocking me how not savvy I am!! I don’t have a scanner so I cannot use my own photographs and if I get a scanner, (which I will), I hope the damn ‘learning curve’ is not going to drive me nuts! I was looking at the photographs that one can put on one’s blog…..I’d love to put on so many different things; all stuff I’m interested in, or care about. (I could have illustrated every blog I’ve done so far…well, not every one,…..). I have so many photographs that I have taken myself; slides and prints; I am ashamed to say I am not up in the digital camera department yet….(Ohhhh, so behind the times here on ‘the hill’….).
Frankly I feel like the whole digital camera deal is beyond me now….(part of me hopes that is not true, but I’m so far behind with the technology, I don’t see how I can catch up!).
I bet I’ve taken fifteen thousands photographs in my lifetime…Between my own personal interests---like for a couple of years I was taking unbelievable amounts of photographs of roses….extreme close-ups using my extension tubes; I’d love to put some of those on here if I ever get that scanner and if I can learn how to do it, as well as the 1500 photographs of my Cactus Garden, which covers the whole hill underneath my house, plus all the fantastic plants in front and on the side---Truly ‘Fantastic’, if I do say so myself! I’d love to show some of my paintings and drawings, (Too many to go into…I mean I’m talking at least 2500 drawings and over 860 paintings---really large and really small, too); For any number of years I took all the Production Photo’s at Theatre West, the theatre I’ve been connected to here in Los Angeles for a million years, and I don’t even remember how many ‘Head Shots’. I use to take actors ‘Head Shots’---for the uninitiated, these are what actors use to need so their agents could send them out to producer’s, etc….plus all the party’s, trips, Birthdays, New Years Eve’s, Christmases and God knows what other social functions….
And I have any number of cameras and umpteen glorious lenses, which for my money are still current and ‘Today-ish’, even though they are not digital, you know?…..I use to take so many photographs for one reason or another, I almost cannot believe I hardly ever take any pictures anymore, at all. I moved into Camcorder stuff, almost immediately upon it’s arrival for home consumer’s….what….almost 20 years or more, now?....And that was great, except that’s gone past me now, too….Again, ‘The Digital Age’---OldLady Of The Hills feels really really old about this! I sure hope it’s not too late to learn this skill…I mean, I’m a woman who has 6 VCR’s, (Which will be obsolete in about 2 minutes!!), and 3 DVD Players, so, it’s not like I am completely a ‘feeb’ when it comes to electronics, you know?
It’s just….Well, it’s just….I’m not sure I have it in me anymore, you know? I sure hope I’m wrong about this….please, oh pretty please with chocolate sprinkles on it…let me be wrong about it being too late!

And on that note…….


Blogger Chickie said...

The easiest way I found to put photos up was with Flckr! They have a free service.

I'm a total feeb too with electronics. If I can not blow up my computer memory then you'll do just fine!

9:20 AM  
Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks Chickie! I'll go to Flicker!
The thing is---I have NOT been a 'feeb' about all this stuff in the past...but now? OY!
By the way...
I LOVE YOUR blog...

10:28 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

When you go into your blogger area,like you are going to post, then right above it, on mine anyway, it has a picture right beside the spell check thing, and when you click on that it opens a box that asks you if you want to download a picture from your computer or from the web and you just need the webpage's URL and you can do it from there. I have been able to download pictures from my computer that I have taken but I haven't tried the web yet! Good luck!

7:12 PM  
Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks Rachel! Most of the photo's I want to incorporate are my own or archival stuff from a long time ago....but, without that scanner...I really have to figure out how to get a scanner without going someplace--Health issues, you know?---I will look on the Internet....but really could use someone's advice so I get the right thing for my computer and printers. Soon! And thanks for visiting.

9:38 PM  

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