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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I want to talk about the most important man in my life---my cat Sweetie. (THINK” Insert Photo Here…from now on, IPH for short….). He is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen, (no offense meant to all my previous dear cat pals, who’s souls have got to be in Cat Heaven, if there is such a thing…), and further, the most beautiful cat I’ve ever served. (Yes, ‘served’…you know I’m saying, if you have ever lived with a cat….and frankly, I love every minute of serving him!) Just a small word to those people who don’t get the whole cat thing…it’s an acquired taste, for some----believe me, if you ever get to know a cat you won’t be able to resist….I know, because I was converted about a forty years ago, and I honestly do not know how I ever lived without a cat…..in fact, one of my dearest’s lived to be 20 ½ years old and I’ve always said she was my longest most enduring intimate relationship…..!
Back to Sweetie…(IHP)…. He is all white, long haired, with the most gorgeous Paul Newman Blue Eyes you ever saw; a little pink nose and a true ‘classic cat face, not the pushed in flatish-face type….in a word, were talking “GORGEOUS”…. And, as sweet as his name. (Two or three IPH)
We’ve been together for a little over 6 years…and he is the dearest, sweetest most loving and comforting cat I’ve ever lived with…(probably not completely true, but at this time in my life, he definitely is the perfect kitty for me…..another IPH… Living up here in the hills of Hollywood, we have coyote’s and also terrible traffic, too—(yes, traffic, you wouldn’t believe…. But cars come zipping around the curve just before my house and then speed up, because for 2 seconds there is a ‘straightaway’, before the next curve…driver’s are truly crazy-nutzo’s here in L.A.)---so, all my Cat friends have always been indoor people---years and years and YEARS ago, they said that the street life of a cat here in Los Angeles was two hours! God knows what it is now…two minutes!!!???...so, my dear dear Sweetie--Sweetums—‘The Mister.’—‘Mister Boy’--‘Mister Beauty’—‘The White Lion’-- is an indoor cat.
My house is his house; well, I should say, he allows me to live in his house. Plus, he has three ‘cat tree’s, all of which he uses---this morning he was in the condominium of the one in the kitchen, all curled up like a big white ball, that has blue eyes and a lovely pink nose. Delightful! They do make you smile and warm your heart, and he’s not bad to look at, either…Like I said, “Gorgeous”!
And the very best part of having Sweetie in my life is, he gives me more joy than almost anyone I know; and like all the cats I’ve ever lived with, he loves me unconditionally; he doesn’t care if I’m fat or thin, smell good or bad, comb my hair or not; he is a true prince of a fellow who just LOVES me----now who could ask for more than that!
There’s just one thing that I don’t understand about him and which leads to a few minor problems. He is the only cat I’ve ever lived with who doesn’t cover up his poop or pee, in the litter box. He does his ‘business’--(a stupid euphemism, if I ever heard one…) and just leaves it all there for all the world to see---uncovered,---on top of the litter. I guess he never learned that step, you know? Another bit of a problem that I had not encountered before in all my years of loving and living with cats because I never had a long haired cat before nor a white one, either, is this: sometimes there is poop close on his tush and even going down his legs! Not a pretty sight or a pretty smell either! I end up having to wipe his tush or comb around it and sometimes I even have to wash his tush and legs---(no IHP needed here), not a whole lot of fun, but, I love him dearly and that’s what you do when you love someone, right?
Has anybody out there ever encountered this problem? I’d be particularly interested to know if anyone has run across the litter box phenomenon, and if so, what do you think that story is in dear Sweetie’s ‘primal’ history?


Anonymous Max Cohen said...

I am a servant to my cat too.

Love you, naomi.


7:15 AM  
Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks Max, my dear...
How are you? Give me a call when you have a chance..
Love You Too!

7:50 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

I serve two cats at present; black, shiny sisters named Storm and Eclipse. They are very clean, but sometimes they will let me know if I don't clean out the litter boxes often enough by pooping outside the boxes! They never have any "residue" but some of my previous cats did (long- haired ones, too. ICK!

Michele sent me!

2:17 PM  
Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

Kenju--It must be a long haired thing because I had not encountered this problem before, and Sweetie is my first long haired cat-friend. Eventually I will post photo's of "The Gorgeous One" when I get the scanner and/or a digital camera. Kiss Stormy & Eclipse for me!

11:49 PM  
Blogger Valderbar de Cat said...

I wholeheartedly approve of this subject. Cats rule. :-)

12:42 PM  

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